Most of the companies with whom RockRidge Financial works fall into one of two main areas:

"Holy Cow--we're doing great!”

This type of company comes to us wanting to know how they can continue to successfully grow their business and maintain their company's financial health.

We assist these businesses by making sure the proper processes are in place and that opportunities for continued growth and expansion of revenue streams are recognized and exploited.

"Holy Cow--we're having problems!"

These companies request help in resolving financial challenges, from debt restructuring, and accounts payable management, to forensic accounting and business process implementation. They want to develop a road map for successful business management and spend more time focusing on what they do best.

We identify the underlying problems of the business, recommend how they can be corrected, what can be done to correct them, and where opportunities can be found to turn the business around and get it on the right footing.

Many business owners start their companies because they have a great passion for doing something and want to benefit from the value they create. Let us help you meet business challenges and successfully grow your company.

Call RockRidge Financial at 678-421-9977 or email us to learn how we can you resolve challenges and stimulate your company's growth.