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A Luxury Retailer Gets Payables and Shrinkage Under Control     
“Restructuring vendor deals and reducing accounts payables was critical to the company's financial health. And vendors continues to work with them because we proved the company was capable of meeting future commitments."
A Franchisee Opens Their First Location with Help From RockRidge Financial
“When we first met with them the ink on the franchise contract was barely dry," says RockRidge Financial President Andrew Levy. “They needed guidance getting the business up and running and they wanted to be sure they had a solid business plan to guide their business, especially since it was their first entrepreneurial venture."
“Early stage companies are based on passion and often they move forward without a roadmap,” says Levy. “We help them to develop a plan to point them in the right direction. We also provide banks and investors with the information they need to make a decision to invest or loan them the money they need to achieve their business objectives.”