A Franchisee Opens Their First Location With Help From RockRidge Financial
After losing their home and livelihood to Hurricane Katrina, a couple decided to relocate to Atlanta and start over again. They purchased a franchise that teaches people to trade stocks and manage their investment portfolio.
“When we first met with them the ink on the franchise contract was barely dry,” says RockRidge Financial President, Andrew Levy. “They needed guidance getting the business up and running and they wanted to be sure they had a solid business plan to guide their business, especially since it was their first entrepreneurial venture.
RockRidge Financial Approach - Controllership
“We helped them choose the proper corporate entity for what they wanted to accomplish,” says Levy. “We also discussed exit strategy because even with new companies it influences decisions on corporate structure.”
RockRidge Financial helped them locate and negotiate their space, and buy versus lease analyses were conducted to determine the best options for the telephone system and furniture.
 Levy and his team also developed a business plan that recommended headcount expenditures, commission structure, and a marketing budget that were all consistent with revenue projections. “They wanted to ensure the business could operate effectively and reach profitability as soon as possible,” says Levy.
The company has generated significant revenue, they’ve expanded their marketing initiatives and will soon open a second franchise location. RockRidge Financial is helping them to transition to their own full-time accountant.