Two Young Entrepreneurs Raise Capital to Build their Dream
Two young entrepreneurs created a premium lifestyle apparel brand combining fashion with a socially responsible business philosophy and a unique supply chain model.
The company’s first collection was a hit, generating orders from a national retailer and upscale boutiques. But they needed investment to activate the supply chain and deliver the product within the retailers’ deadlines.
RockRidge Financial Approach – Controllership
“To raise enough money to roll out right, the company needed to be able to sell and defend their value proposition,” says RockRidge Financial President, Andrew Levy. “You can’t flounder first time out of the gate, especially when you’ve got the opportunity to sell your collection to a national retail chain.”
RockRidge Financial helped the apparel company develop a business plan, financial model, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.
They designed a custom spreadsheet to enable the owners to hash out the supply chain model by seeing the implications of various assumptions, including cost structure, logistics and timing. RockRidge Financial also participated in investor presentations and negotiations.
The apparel company achieved the funding necessary to produce and deliver their first collection. RockRidge Financial continues to work with them as they finalize their next collection and negotiate with national retailers for increased distribution.