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Disaster Recovery-What You Need To Do Before Disaster Strikes!

It’s always very smart to have a standard practice to make sure that you protect one of your most valuable assets—your business!

Here’s a brief list of those areas that you’ll want to check in on and make sure you’re comfortable with, so if and when bad things happen, you’ll be able to breathe easier~


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Making sure your website works for you!

Here’s ten thoughts that can help you keep your focus and keep your website where it needs to be. Whether or not your business caters to online customers or not, your website should not be “brochure ware”—rather it needs to be vibrant, tell your story, and show your customers and prospective customers how your Company can scratch their “itch” and make them come to you!

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Employee or Independent Contractor?

Recognizing the difference and handling matters properly begins with defining the two categories of workers (employee or independent contractor). In determining whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor, factors to take into consideration include the type of behavioral and financial control exercised over the worker, as well as the type of relationship between the parties. The distinction is critical. . .

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