• Financial Statement Preparation
  • Proper Classification of Transactions to give management a true picture of financial performance)
  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Reports
  • Accounting System Adjustments
  • Integration with other business applications
  • Account Reconciliations

There is a major difference between accounting and finance. 

Accounting is a historical discipline that records already occured transactions and organizes them into a presentation format that management and audiences can understand. 

Finance is a prospective discipline, in which one "looks forward" towards driving business over the short and long term.

It is critical to have strong integrity of accounting information because companies rely on it to develop financial projections and make decisions. Bad data leads to bad decisions which imperil the health of the company.

RockRidge Financial accountants will make sure that accounting data is presented fairly and correctly, so you can see where the company has been, where it is now, and utilize that information to develop financial projections and plans to guide it into the future.